Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's getting hotter

Helen got angry with me todayMy bad.

The constant drone of flies in a pretty strong sedative, though I don't think that's what's gotten into Lewis. 

For a few weeks now they've been climbing trees in groups and playing their favorite game:  push the other monkey off of the branch.  Surprisingly no one ever seems to get hurt.  Though sometimes the bigger juveniles can get in trouble for playing too rough.

And Bryan came to visit!  It was epic, but I'll let him fill you in on the details...

I asked him to send my love to all of you when he gets back, but just in case he misses anyone...

Miss y'all.
Lots of love.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There are times, dear friends....

...when I don't know whether to shit or go blind. 

In my mind, this phrase is said with an Irish accent.  I can't say why.  It's been on constant loop in my head lately, along with these songs:

"your life is over! your life is over! your life is over! your life is over!"  you can even clap along.

this band has a blog. it has arson and yuppies and and happiness abounding.  seriously, it's delightful.

River May Come from Matt Goldman on Vimeo.

 everything is right with the world. 

it's the ending 'yeeeeeoooow ::crash::' that gets me.  watch it.  you'll see what i mean.

Hypnotic hair.  I've listened to this album more than any other while I've been here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today, alone in Ain Kalla:

  I wonder what's behind that rock...

Neat!  I wonder what it's like inside...

 Cool!  I wonder how deep it goes...

Oh wow, it goes all the way through the hill!  I wonder if I can crawl through it...


Spontaneously went spelunking today.

Good day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So here's what's up:

In the past couple months we've had a flood of visitors to our little field site.  Two professors looking into starting a project involving Berber/Macaque interactions stopped by a couple weeks ago, Els van Lavieren (whose blog I mentioned here a while ago) came by to check out our project and offered some very interesting insights into Macaque conservation, we showed some BBC producers interested in making a documentary Ain Kalla and the Green home range, and oh yes, MY DAD CAME TO VISIT! (whoa.)

Two more long-term visitors have also arrived recently.  My replacement, Maria (from Sweden) arrived just tonight, and a new PhD student, Sandra (French -- thank goodness -- having someone around who speaks it well is wonderful), has moved into the flat downstairs and will also be doing work with the Greens.

I've just started picking up the pace with Arabic again.  I can finally read almost everything I see, as long as it uses the standard alphabet (which signs and such do), and while I have no idea what 99% of the words mean, at least I can sound them out.  The other day I wrote a word (in Arabic) that I had never seen before in front of some members of the family that lives upstairs.  There were handshakes and slaps on the back all around.  If I may be so bold:  It was awesome.  Unfortunately there is no English <-> Darija (the dialect of Arabic I'm attempting to learn) dictionary, but knowing the alphabet could still come in handy if I want to keep studying it back in the states.  I know I'll be trying to learn as much as possible up until the day I leave, though why I really can't tell -- it's not exactly a common language back home. 

Came home from work early today ready to catch up on some R&R, but instead ended up in a wrestling match with blogger.  I wanted more space for bigger pictures and was just tired of staring at that same motif.  Hope you guys like the result.  I'll probably pick at it for a while before I'm satisfied...

Afraid that's all for now, but I'll try to write again soon.

Oh yes!  I almost forgot:  here's a nice little article in the New York Times which talks about male behavior in our dearly beloved Macaca sylvanus.  Lots of thanks to my mom for sending me the link! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

i love my job

A quick note:  I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm planning on posting a full update (with actual words) sometime soon.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They were a very smelly group of monkeys today...

 ...too many mushrooms I guess...


Nick cools off on a rock

 Sometimes you can see through the scar in his nose